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BurundiSafari.com brings you an Online Hotels, Restaurants, and Vacation Rentals booking, ratings, recommendations and reviews with a Unique Souvenir Shop.

In case you're familiar with the kind of content you find on internet about Burundi, it's kind of sad and a shame that many of the so called 'worldwide professional sites' don't provide much info about Burundi, and even worse, the ones that are trying to do so are not doing it well either. Which brings us to one of the main reasons we did this project: we are tired of seeing and hearing only the bad side of our country, no one is perfect and people deserve to know the good side too! Don't they?

So just like the name says it, BSS is a company that is trying to promote tourism in Burundi by providing travel services with a souvenir shop:
- We organize tourist trips and fun to discover the country and spend quality time together;
- We provide vacation rentals services: like booking hotels, guesthouses, cars...;
- We have a shop that offers a variety of high quality souvenirs like t-shirts, hats, paintings, postcards... and tons of local handcrafted items that symbolizes Burundian Culture;

In few words, we help you plan the perfect trip and show you the hidden part of Burundi they never show you on TV. And of course, we wouldn't let you leave the 'Heart of Africa' without any souvenirs gifts :-)

One more thing, as you might know, Burundi is part of the East African Community, which is why we also help you to connect to other east african countries.

In case you have some suggestions or feedback regarding our services, feel free to send us a feedback or contact us directly.

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