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Visas / Travel Documents

A visa is required for all foreigners coming to Burundi, except for nationals from the East African Community countries. A valid passport and a return ticket should be with you on arrival at the international airport. Transit visas are not required for passengers continuing their journey to a third country as long as they stay at the airport and hold valid onward documentation.
If Burundi does not have a diplomatic representation in your country, you can also obtain a visa at the airpot on arrival. But for more detailed information (including prices), refer to the official site of Burundi National Tourism Office.

Best Time to Visit

The best part of Burundi is that you can visit the country at any time of year, because the hottest it gets during the summer months is 32° C, and the coldest it gets during the winter months is 15° C. Despite being an equatorial country, Burundi has a moderate climate because of its altitude.

Need to know

There are a few ATMs in Burundi, mainly in the capital city Bujumbura. But you can also use credit cards to withdraw money from some banks, use travellers cheques, or use western union or the likes.


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