About Burundi

Burundi, the Heart of Africa

The so commonly called 'Heart of Africa', Burundi is lying almost in the centre of Africa with a shape like a heart. It's a beautiful country sandwiched between Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda.
A small and mountainous country, Burundi offers wonderful views of Lake Tanganyika which is estimated to be the second largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, and the second deepest, after Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Culture & History

Burundi is a land of the warmhearted welcoming people. If you don't believe it, ask anyone who has a burundian friend! When several Burundians of close acquaintance meet for a gathering they drink impeke, a traditional beer, together from a large container to symbolize unity.

Without talking much, you probably already heard about the 'Burundian Drums'? If not, we suggest you google a bit or just watch some videos on youtube.

    "A constant parade of players improvised on the central drum, 
    dancing to the rhythms, leaping or twirling drumsticks in the air 
    or around their necks. It was all a celebration of ability, the sheer 
    pleasure of competitive creativity, and - strikingly similar to what 
    happens in a jazz jam session - more virtuosic than sentimental." 
    —-The New York Times
Crafts are also an important art form in Burundi and are attractive gifts to many tourists. Basket weaving is a popular craft for Burundian artisans. Other crafts such as masks, shields, statues and pottery are made in Burundi.
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